• Entrepreneurship Development Cell is functional since 2008. It has received grant in aid from AICTE, New Delhi in 2009 for overall development. The Cell regularly conducts awareness programme, poster presentation and business plan competition in the field of entrepreneurship. Around hundred student entrepreneurs are directly and indirectly benefitted by the mentoring activities of the Cell. It is an active partner of National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN), Bengaluru .
    Chief Coordinator: Chinmay Das, Department of Mechanical Engineering

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    Team members:
    1. Chandan Mandal, Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
    2. Shakti Prasad Mohanty, Department of Electrical Engineering
    3. Ilyas Ahmed, Department of Electrical Engineering
    4. Abhisekh Samal, Department of Civil Engineering
    5. Pratap Champati, Department of Computer Science & Engineering
    6. Bikramaditya Panda, Department of Computer Science & Engineering
    7. Subhalaxmi Mohapatra, Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
    8. Piyus Mohanty, Department of Business Administration
    • Awareness programme on entrereneurship was held on 12.04.2018 where more than hundred students have participated,
    • A startup exhibition was held on 03.02.2018 where the organizations displayed their products and services for the benefit of the students,
    • Incubation facility was started with joining of three business ventures started by alumni.