Research Group

  • Research and Development cell of ABIT works on study and application of cutting edge technologies as well as development of new solutions in science and engineering.The areas of research being undertaken at present relate to the following technology areas:

    *Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    *Internet of Things
    *Data Sciences
    *Solar PV and Solar Thermal technologies
    *Autonomous Vehicles
    *Social research on housing and sanitation
    *Advanced materials and their use in construction sector
    *Internal Positioning System
    *Engineering applications of Plasma
    *Liquid property diagnostics

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  • The Research and Development cell of ABIT is led by the Dean of R & D, Dr. Gayatri Devi. The representatives from each science and engineering department participate in technology development activities. Further, full time research associates are engaged for project specific needs.

    The R & D cell also collaborates with the Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) for identification and incubation of startups in new technology areas.

    1. Name : Prof(Dr).Gayatri Devi
    2. Email(s) and contact number(s) : 2. , 2., +91 9861293639
    4. Designation: Professor ; DEAN R&D
    5. Department: Computer Science and Engg.
    6. Professional Recognition/Award/Prize/Certificate,Fellowship received by the applicant.

    S.No Name of Award Awarding Agency Year
        1 Exelent  Award in SERC school 1 Atm.Sci Dept.IIT DELHI &DST,Gov.of INDIA    1998
         2    Exelent  Award  in SERC school 2 Atm.Sci Dept.IIT DELHI &DST,Gov.of INDIA 2000
         3     Best Teacher Award ISTE orissa Chapter 2016
         4      Gold Medal Indian Solidarity council 2014
         5   Best Educationist Award Internationa Institute of Education &Management. 2014

    7. Publications (List of papers published in SCI Journals)

    ⦁ G. Devi, “Frequency Detection and Variation with Smart Sensor Data Analysis using Artificial Neural Network and Cloud Computing” ICTIS proceedings by Springer 2020
    ⦁G.Devi, “Automatic water flow regulator”, IJAIEM, published in June 2019.
    ⦁G. Devi, “Comparison study between Factory pattern and Abstract Factory pattern from Creational Design Patterns with Example in C#” IJAIEM, vol.7, Issue.7, July2018,ISSN 2319-4847.
    ⦁G.Devi, “Symmetric duality for nonlinear programming problem involving n-convex functions”, European Journal of Operational Research Vol104. Page no.615-621, ISSN: 0377-2217, I.F: 2.358, ELSIVIER.
    ⦁G.Devi, “Second order multi objective mixed symmetric duality containing square root term with generalized invex function”, OPSEARCH 50(2): page no 260–281, ISSN: 0975-0320(online) 0030-3887(print), I.F: 3.504
    ⦁G.Devi, “Mixed type duality for non differentiable multi objective fractional programming under generalized (d, ρ, , θ)-type 1 univex function”, Applied Mathematics and Computation,Vol. 219,Issue 17 ,,page no. 9196 – 9201 Elsevier Inc. ,ISSN:0996-3003,I.F:1.378.
    ⦁G.Devi, “Wolfe Type Higher Order Multiple Objective Nondifferentiable Symmetric Dual Programming with Generalized Invex Function Journal of Mathematical Modelling and Algorithms in Operations Research” ISSN 2214-2487, © Springer ,vol.5,no.5,page no.626-645,I.F:30.39.
    ⦁G.Devi, “Nondifferentiable multiobjective mixed symmetric duality for nonlinear programming involving generalized (Φ,ρ)-univex functions”, International Journal of Mathematical Archive, 3(5), page no. 19401956, ISSN: 2229-5046, I.F: 4.091.

    8. Guided PhD : Number of students PhD completed -03 (2- Applied Mathematics, 1- Computer science) ; submitted – 02 computer science and engg.
    Number of students PhD continuing -03
    Guided MTech(CSE) students : 60