Professionals Clubs & Societies

Professional Society Activities

Chapters of Professional Societies like ISTE, SESI and Robotics Society of the Institute conduct various activities like,

  • Seminars for students and staff
  • Various competitions like essay, debate, quiz, presentation and workshop.
  • Static and Dynamic Model making.
  • Making of Manual and Autonomous Robots for different uses, e.g. line follower, path finder, Robowar, Robo Soccer, Roborace, pick and place by Robots, etc.
  • Projects on Solar Energy for use in the college campus.

Orators’ Club

Institution has Orators’ club – a club to enhance public speaking, communication and professional skills. The club meets twice a week as Wednesday and Saturday for one hour each to conduct activities like :

  • Extempore
  • Debate
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Presentation
  • Group Discussion
  • Quiz
  • Leaderhip
  • Short Videos on shows to attain above skills

National Service Scheme (NSS) and Red Ribbon Club (RRC)

The Institute has its NSS unit and RRC Unit for social welfare and health Awareness among the students, employees and public of the local area. Different activities conducted by these units are:

  • Social welfare programs.
  • Blood Donation camp.
  • Health-camps.
  • Cleaning and sanitation
  • Health Awareness programmes like, Seminars. Rallies, Exhibitions, Lectures, etc.
  • Blood Safety Awareness Programmes.
  • Observance of important days and occasions for health and hygiene like World Health Day, World AIDS Day, etc.
  • Essay, Debate and Quiz Competitions relating to the above mentioned important days
  • Relief for Flood victims, Cyclone affected people and victims of any other natural calamities

Sports and Health Club

The Institute has its sports and health club to keep the students and employees physically and mentally fit to maintain work-life balance. The activities conducted by this club are:

  • Athletic meet
  • Outdoor games like Cricket, Volleyball, Football tournaments
  • Indoor games like Badminton, Table tennis, Chess and Carom Tournaments
  • Yoga Class

Drama Club

The club is an extra- curricular activity for students.It gives a platform to the students to unleash their creativity,artistic expression and storytelling.It entertains ,teaches & delights – both for those on-stage,backstage & in audience.Every member in this club brings a new perspective,new ideas & new energy.This club helps the students in numerous ways like :

  • Communication & Language Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Building Imagination & Creativity
  • Overcoming Stage fear
  • Empathy & Many More.