• The Dept. of Business Administration of ABIT was the brainchild of Late Ar. Kunja Behari Mohapatra and Late Dr. Prativa Rani Mishra. Established in the year 2005, it is a part of the ABIT – PMCA group of institutions. It is approved by AICTE and affiliated to Biju Patnaik University of Technology (BPUT), Rourkela.

    The department has always aimed at combining quality education with the development of an all-round personality. Guided by highly dedicated and qualified faculty, it has consistently produced managers who have made their mark in the world of business. The endeavour is to provide a congenial learning environment where there is a symbiotic association between the faculty and the students.

    We offer the following specializations in the following fields : Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Operations and Retail Management. It has an intake of 60 seats.

    Classes being held in the MBA department
    A guest lecture being conducted on Multi-level Marketing
    An online recruitment test for MBA students being conducted in the lab.
    First year students attending a Finance class
    Participants of the International Conference on “Managing Competency through Curiosity Development and Stress Tolerance”

    Specialization in MBA Curriculum:

    • Finance
    • Human Resource Management,
    • Marketing,
    • Retailing,
    • Operations
    • Systems
  • Vision of the Department

    To be a leading department in Management education, that provides value-based learning, conducts interdisciplinary research in emerging areas of management for sustainable growth of the society at large.

    Mission of the Department

    • M1: Develop business managers and entrepreneurs with effective leadership skills and ethical values.
    • M2: Use updated pedagogy for continuously upgrading the teaching-learning process and assessment mechanism.
    • M3: To involve students and faculty in research projects linked with both academia and industry.
    • M4: Provide real life cases and challenges from the industry to enhance management skills.

    Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) of the department

    Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs) are broad statements that describe the career and professional accomplishments that the programme is preparing graduates to achieve. The PEOs of the MBA department is as follows:

    The graduates of the MBA program of the institute in three to five years after their graduation shall be able to:

    1. PEO 1: Attain analytical ability & decision making capability to get placed in different managerial positions.
    2. PEO 2: Enable students to design and implement innovative and sustainable business strategies and programmes.
    3. PEO 3: Display entrepreneurial capabilities with social commitment in order to serve the national interest.
    4. PEO 4: Demonstrate ethical standards while facing business challenges in multi cultural environments.
    5. PEO 5: Engage in life-long learning to stay relevant in a dynamic business environment.

    Program Objectives (POs) of the department

    PO 1 –Apply knowledge of management theories and practices to solve business problems.

    PO 2 –Foster analytical and critical thinking abilities for data-based decision making.

    PO 3 –Ability to develop value-based leadership.

    PO 4 – Ability to understand, analyze and communicate global, economic, legal & ethical aspects of business.

    PO 5 – Ability to lead themselves and others in the achievement of organizational goals, contributing effectively to a team environment.

  • Dr. Shree Kanungo


    Dr. Joysingh Mishra


    Bibekananda Mohanty

    Assistant Professor

    Dr. Amita Nayak

    Assistant Professor

    Mitrabinda Nayak

    Assistant Professor

    Piyus Kumar Mohanty

    Assistant Professor

    Pravat Ku. Rout

    Assistant Professor


    Assistant Professor(visiting)

    Dayanidhi Mohapatra

    Assistant Professor(visiting)


    Assistant Professor(visiting)

    Mrs. Sanjukta Mohanty

    Assistant Professor

  • S.N Date Type of Activity Name of Speaker / Resource Person Designation Organization Topic
    1 1.05.2021 Alumni Connect Satyajit Mohanty Ass.t Collector, Balasore Govt. of Odisha Emotional Intelligence
    2 09.01.2021 Alumni Connect Mr.Rakesh Sahoo ASM Tata Motor Finance Relevance of MBA in your career
    3 02.07.2019 Alumni Connect Sabyasachi Sahoo Deputy Manager Sales Cera Sanitaryware Sales Vs Marketing
    4 02.07.2019 Alumni Connect Sripati Patra Entrepreneur IT & Education Choosing a Career Option
    5 28.02.2020 Industrial Visit Prashanta Patra HR Manager Akshaya Patra Foundation
    6 24.02.2018 Industrial Visit Manoj Das Coordinator Parle G
    7 25.11.2017 Industrial Visit Rabindra Sahoo Factory Manager Oreclean
    8 10.11.2016 Industrial Visit Manoj Das Coordinator PARLE G
    9 10.11.2016 Industrial Visit Manoj Das Coordinator PARLE G
    10 15.02.2020 Workshop Mr. Ashis Mohanty Serial Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, and Growth Hacker Founder of 9Start Vedmy Internet Digital Marketing
    11 06.02.2020 Seminar Dr.SritaBhol Principal CMS,OEC Multi level marketing
    12 13.08.2019 Seminar Abhimanyu Kar Zonal Manager Emami Cement Business game on decision making
    13 23.11.2019 Seminar Amitabh Satapathy Financial Consultant Management thought process on Corporate decision making
    14 09.09.2017 Workshop Sanghamitra Rath Securities Market & Common Man
    15 19th & 20th Jan 2019 International Conference Managing Competency through Curiosity Development and Stress Tolerance
    16 30.10.2017 Seminar Mr. P. Karmakar ASM Hero Two Wheeler Worlds No1 two wheeler: Hero
    17 23.11.2017 Seminar Mr. Prabodh Kumar Bal Channel Manager Microsoft New Era of Channel Management
  • Sl. No. Name of student / students Competition Organized by Date / Year Awards received
    1 Akankshya Das and Dharitri Satapathy Entrepreneurship for every one IIM Bangalore 01-10-2021 Successfully Completed
    2 Raja Biswal and Akankshya Das NPTEL Online Certification SWAYAM Aug-Oct-2021 Successfully Completed
    3 Siba Sundar Behera AANKLAN (State level B School Meet) DRIEMS B SCHOOL 16-02-2020 1ST winner (Business Plan)
    4 Sidharth Dash & Siba Sundar Behera Radiance (State level B School Meet) Srusti Academy of Management 27-28 Feb 2020 Champion (Bizdev [B Plan])
    5 Siba Sundar Behera IGNIVENT 2K20 ABIT 21 – 24 Jan 2020 Champion (Yojna)
    6 Siba Sundar Behera IGNIVENT 2K20 ABIT 21 – 24 Jan 2020 Champion (Niwesh)
    7 Siba Sundar Behera IGNIVENT 2K20 ABIT 21 – 24 Jan 2020 3rd winner (Poster Comp)
    8 Sidharth Dash AANKLAN (State level B School Meet) DRIEMS B SCHOOL 16-02-2020 AANKLAN (State level B School Meet)
    9 BharatmataSahoo, Akash Behera State level B School Meet Global Institute of Management 2020 1st winner (Face Painting )
    10 HarapriyaMohanty& Jagannath Nag State level B School Meet Global Institute of Management 2020 3rd winner (Face Painting )
    11 HarapriyaMohanty&Jagannath Nag, H.S. Priyanka Parida State level B School Meet Global Institute of Management 2020
    12 Sanat Sethi State level B School Meet Global Institute of Management 2020 3rd winner (ADMAD )
    13 Sohel Khan IGNIVENT 2K20 Global Institute of Management 2020 Runners up (Yojna)
    14 Sohel Khan Inter College English Elocution Rotary Club, Cuttack 12.03.19 Winner
    15 Sohel Khan Model United Nations, IIT, BBSR 11.01.19 Verbal Mention
    16 Sohel Khan Model United Nations, SOA 09.08.09 Spec Mention
    1. First Semester
      1. OB
      2. MP
      3. MM
      4. FAA
      5. DS PART-2
      6. BL
      7. BEE
    2. Second Semester
      1. CS
      2. HRM
      3. ED-Part-1
      4. ED-Part-2
      5. OM
      6. IB
    3. Third Semester
      1. DM
      2. CB
      3. MPP
      4. CBM
      5. ER
      6. SDM
      7. PMS
      8. SM
    4. Fourth Semester
      1. B2B
      2. PBM
      3. IL
      4. SHRM
      5. TD