Research & Development

  • Research and Development cell of ABIT works on study and application of cutting edge technologies as well as development of new solutions in science and engineering.

    The areas of research being undertaken at present relate to the following technology areas:

    *Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    *Internet of Things
    *Data Sciences
    *Solar PV and Solar Thermal technologies
    *Autonomous Vehicles
    *Social research on housing and sanitation
    *Advanced materials and their use in construction sector
    *Internal Positioning System
    *Engineering applications of Plasma
    *Liquid property diagnostics

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  • The Research and Development cell of ABIT is led by the Dean of R & D, Dr. Gayatri Devi. The representatives from each science and engineering department participate in technology development activities. Further, full time research associates are engaged for project specific needs.

    The R & D cell also collaborates with the Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) for identification and incubation of startups in new technology areas.